Questions about RFID

What is RFID?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) means the identification by electromagnetic waves.This special systems allows to transfer data wireless for the purpose of identification, tracking or payment.

Wherefore is RFID used?

The RFID technology is used in very different ways and has its origin in the localization of objects and animals. Nowadays, it is had to imagine the world without this technology and indeed it is used for other topics and items. Especially in debit and credit cards, driver licenses, identity cards, payback and insurance cards etc.

What kind of “imminent danger” cause the RFID chip?

As elaborated at the beginning the data transfer via RFID technology does not require any physical contact by the cards itself and the card reader to get the personal data which is storaged at the chip. That means reverse that depending on the used RFID chip and reader system that the personal datas could be read out without permission and knowledge from the person who owns the card and the data. The “reading distance” depends on the card reader system and varied from a few centimeters to several meters.

Like almost every innovative technology also the RFID technology could be abused if anybody has got enough criminal energy. The consequences of illegal data theft – by reading the stored personal data without permission – and the consequences are discussed in a variety of media with a different focus. Evident in every case is that each person has the right to dispose of his personal data by themselves.

How can people protect against “illegal, momentous data theft”?

Important at this point is to break or prevent the “communication” of electromagnetic waves between transponder and reader. The acm® card case in silver – through the special design and construction of the card wallet – reflects electromagnetic radiation and thus prevents unnoticed (and illegal) RFID scanning. That means security and protection on the highest level.

What is the destination of acm®?

The acm® card wallet stops illegal RFID scanning and supply a decisive contribution for privacy and protection of personal data. The patented technology protects, secures and organizes the most important cards (credit and debit cards, driver’s license, passport, etc.) in life.

The acm® provides protection against demagnetization, RFID scanning, scratches, brakes and other environmental influences and increases the lifetime of the cards. Alone this effect reduces environmental pollution because less defective cards has to be replaced. Long-term tests show currently a lifetime of more than 7 years of each card. And the best: With a little flick of your finger you’ve got the desired card ready to use. Annoying searching of the desired card belongs to the past.

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