Power of revocation

Unlimited right of return

Right of return for customers
Customers who are consumers can return merchandise without giving grounds within one month of delivery. The period of one month begins at the earliest when the merchandise is delivered and the customer is notified of this provision in writing. The customer can also return the merchandise by declaring in writing, e.g. by letter, fax or email, that the merchandise should be taken back. It is sufficient that the merchandise is dispatched or the request to take it back made within the one month period. The merchandise is to be returned. Returning the merchandise is free of charge and the postage and packing costs will be reimbursed. The return of or the request to take back merchandise should be addressed to:

Company name     acm europe GmbH
Address         Salmannsweiler Str. 12
Email             info@my-acm.eu

Consequences of return
When the merchandise has effectively been returned both parties are to refund the payments received and any benefits derived (e.g. from use). Compensation can be claimed for any impairment of the merchandise. This does not apply if the impairment results solely from inspecting the merchandise – as the customer would have been able to do in a shop for example. Otherwise the customer can avoid the obligation to provide compensation by not using the merchandise as an owner would and refraining from doing anything to impair it. The right of return does not apply to contracts for the delivery of merchandise produced according to customer specifications (e.g. logo, engraving, printing etc.) or clearly adapted to their personal requirements.

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