Questions about RFID

What is RFID? RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) means the identification by electromagnetic waves.This special systems allows to transfer data wireless for the purpose of identification, tracking or payment. Wherefore is RFID used? The RFID technology is used in very different ways and has its origin in the localization of objects and animals. Nowadays, it is […]

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Video acm® wallet

Our fist 30-sec. spot of acm europe about the patented acm® wallet. Our excitement about the video can not be hidden . And define this spot as a = attractive , cool and c = m = magnetic, short : ACM !

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acm® credit card holder – the modern wallet!

Do you know one, do you know all? It is not true! With the unique „push-at-the-putton” principle the acm® proves, that credit card holder is not equal credit card holder and a wallet is not equal a wallet. Already outward appearance is the “Design Case”, with its chrome-plated surface and the sliding elements and immediately […]

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acm® hat den “richtigen Riecher” in Puncto Datensicherheit und RFID-Schutz

Primär ging es der acm europe GmbH, mit Sitz in Stockach am Bodensee, bei der Markteinführung des patentierten acm® Kartenetuis um “Sicherheit und Schutz” der Karten im Alltag. Mit dem acm® sollten die wichtigsten Karten im Leben (z.B. EC-, Kredit und Gesundheitskarte sowie Führerschein etc. im ISO-Standard) vor Entmagnetisierung, Knicken und Brüchen geschützt werden. Dank […]

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From enthusiastic customer to an exclusive licence partnership

The patented acm® wallet now in Hungary The distribution network of acm europe GmbH – well-known by the “push-at-the-button-system” – expands by a new and exclusive partner in Hungary. Perfekte Geschenke AG – represented by Dr. Mezo András – will introduce the patented acm® wallet to all market segments (b2b and b2c) in Hungary. “Dr. Mezo is the […]

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