acm® credit card holder – the modern wallet!

Do you know one, do you know all? It is not true!

With the unique „push-at-the-putton” principle the acm® proves, that credit card holder is not equal credit card holder and a wallet is not equal a wallet.

Already outward appearance is the “Design Case”, with its chrome-plated surface and the sliding elements and immediately draws attention to itself. This is not even the only improvement: The acm ® is committed above all “in” himself. Thanks to the patented technology include broken or lost cards from the past. Each card has its particular place and is issued by means of a separate “slide” (with its own unique symbol). The trick is that the cards do not touch and thus do not wear chips and magnetic strips on each card and thereby prolong the “lifetime”.

Another attraction is the 18 interchangeable symbols – which are included by default in delivery. Thus does not only ensure that each card has its own symbol, but also indicate that each map and symbol can be arranged individually. Just like anyone or any woman likes it. The removable money clip on the back of the acm ® credit card holders can be used both for bills as well as business cards.

For those who still have a bit more money bag and do the “traditionalists” who did not want to miss out on coins, acm ® has designed an additional leather case. This is a practical addition to acm ® credit card holder and is made of genuine lamb leather. The elegant accessory encloses the case like a second skin, thus ensuring the reliable placement of coins, banknotes, business cards and much more.

This is the acm ® credit card case de facto, the modern alternative to traditional money bag dar. And for those who want something special and find the perfect solution for any type of cards for everyday use. Last-but-not-least the acm ® offers a fantastic value for money rates.

*All prices incl. VAT