11 good reasons

1. Protection against demagnetization

Thanks to the patented technology of the acm® the chip and magnetic stripe on each card is protected against demagnetization. Magnets in most cases are damaging cards. In our highly technological world you can find magnets almost anywhere. For example it can be found in mobile phones / smart phones, notebooks, bags, jackets and purses. The acm® card case provides reliable protection from unwanted and annoying demagnetization.

2. Protection of the cards from scratches

Differently to the traditional wallet – where the cards often touch each other and rubbing against by taking them out or sort back. This can cause scratches or damage the magnetic stripe. Especially for the driving licence – as this card is “unique” and is connected with high replacement costs – defects are very annoying. In the acm® card wallet every card has its own slot. Therefore the card can not be scratched.

3. Protect the card against bending and breaking

The classic wallet is often still worn in the back pocket. This is not “optimal” for the spine but also “unhealthy” for the cards because they can break and bend. For this it is recommendable to use the acm® as it consists of a very robust body and protects your cards against bending and breaks. Just for your spine you need to take care yourselves… ;-))

4. Guaranteed organized – with the patented “push-of-a-button-technology”

Each card has its “own and fixed” slot. Individual and interchangeable symbols marks every single button. This eliminates the annoying searching for the desired card. Today, with one push of the button you’ve got the right card.

5. An individual icon for each card – quick and easy to your desired card

To minimize the time of searching a card the acm® card wallet comes with 18 interchangeable buttons (12 with the most common card symbols and 6 colored buttons). You have the choice of appropriate symbols and simple color codes. For example the yellow button can be used for the ADAC card or the blue button for the Payback card. Just as you desire and make logical sense.

6. Removable Money clip

If you want to carry cash or need a holder “on the fly” for business cards or receipts then the money clip on the back side of the acm® card case is quite perfect. The money clip can be removed easily and quickly and is included as a standard.

7. Technical highlight: robust, secure and reliable

The acm® is logically a mechanical product and generate the highest safety and reliability. The smooth integration of 72 single parts provides regardless use each day. Independent if it’s on vacation, traveling, playing sports. Just wherever you are. The acm® bears a lot: falling down and “run over” by a car, no problem for the small cards safe.

8. QUALITY is our top priority!

The satisfaction of our customers is our priority. For this reason, the acm® card holder is not only tested several time during the production process but also tested before shipment to the customer. So you can be sure to 100% that the acm® is functional and ready for use. Our return rate is 0.0001%. We are very proud of that.

9. 30-Day-Money-Back-Guarantee

Thanks to our 30 day money back guarantee you can test the acm® without any risk. Should you – for any reason – do not like the acm® credit card holder you just need to send back the acm® within 30 days and we will promptly refund the invoice amount.

10th Life-time warranty on the mechanism

With each delivery we guarantee that the acm® credit card holder is free of technical defects. However, should occur a mechanical defect during the life-time of the acm® we will repair or replace your acm® free of charge. You see, we take care also after your purchase.

11th The acm ® – the card case for life

The investment in an acm® credit card holder offers not only security and protection for your cards and personal data for life but also lifelong enjoyment on this wallet. Not only for the pure cost-benefit analysis of the acm® is well done. Above all, the concept acm® offers – with the reliable global partner – an international service.

We wish you much fun and joy with the acm®!


*All prices incl. VAT